The pain makes me outspoken While inside I’m choking reversed cycle I think I’m broken 

Inside and out 

As my soul silently pours out my mouth 

I constantly try to scoop up and put back together what’s left savoring my last breath as I rely on life to hand me death does this make me more or less 

If there was a game of getting shitted on I think I’d be the best not singling anyone out but homie my life’s a mess 

The same nApkin I’ve been using to clean it up is falling apart soggy and ripped as I violently wipe tryna get a grip I start to think I’m part of the ship in a sea full of shit sailing to grime filth and grit I feel my self hitting the bottom of this bottomless pit over and over a infinite fall and hit is what make it a bottomless pit but fuck it I keep climbing back out swallowing my pride and scooping my soul back into my mouth where it silently and violently poured out I can’t take it I shout wtf is life really about a tea kettle stuck on the flame with a long continuous whistle thru the spout I will prosper thru the pain because it’s the same pain attached to my name tht leaves permanent stains on my brain tht leads me to think I’m insane but ironically thru it all I find my sanity I will not be the Slave conquered thru vanity 

Because thru the

Pain I’m outspoken and only when I fixed my self did I realize I was broken…..



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