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Your reality !s ficti0n

Win ter 

Root word 

“We travel at the speed of thought”

Planet  self 80%

Process of elimination 20%

It’s science family   You are the rope 

Words speak power 

Know your root word 

No Change no change 




About jajuanebron

First let me introduce myself, my name is Jajuan. Nice to meet you. I have a daughter her-name is Ryleigh. I am an artist (a graphic designer to be exact), I would like to take UR offer too provide my skills have a lot of experience working with graphics effects transparency and how you perceive it being that i have experience learning will be fast willing to work immediately however I will need to see my schedule I'm currently out of work and being the person i am with my family i will have a baby sitter too watch my daughter I hope that we could come up with a good agreement together in order to work together in a near future. I would like to set up a meeting with you to talk further about your rules what u need done on by behalf my future career as an artist. I also would like to show you my portfolio too assure we are in a good understanding together (teamwork). I'm a hard worker I'm willing to do my best to be successful for myself and My family I have a lot of hope and aspiration Thank you, -Jajuan-

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